Private Collections

- Shows of Fine Arts Paintings
- Commisioned work (site specific)
- Commisioned work (in Manhattan)
- Private Collections
- Currated Shows/Exhibits
- Affiliations and awards

Private/Corporate Collections

Fred Becker, Amherst, MA
Krista Boll, Berlin, Germany
Bonham Exchange, San Antonio, TX
Ise Bosch, Siebeneichen, Germany
Flavia Castellano, Rome, Italy
Katharina Chichester, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Furio Civitella, Rome, Italy
Jackie Crawford, NY, NY
Elfie Donnelly, Ibizia, Spain
Dr. Elke Fechtner, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Gretchen Gignac, Boston, MA
James Hall, Plymouth, MA
Drs. Barbara Herbert & Jean McGuire, Cambridge, MA
Laurie Hill, Attleboro, MA
Donna Rae Hirt, Newton, MA
William Hydt, Newport, RI
Lakeview Healthcare System, Inc.
Don Lanier (estate), NY, NY
NES Assurance, LLC
Dr. Theresa Lankes, Berlin, Germany
Drs. Anna MacKay-Brandt & Sabastian Brandt, NYC, NY
Northeastern Evaluation Specialists
Joseph Overpeck (estate), New Orleans, LA
Dr. Nina Paynter, Boston, MA
Barbara Riley(Levin) & Gerald Levin, NY, NY
Alix Ritchie & Marty Davis, Ft. Lauderdale, FL/Provincetown, MA
Charles Samar, NY, NY
Chris Scherer, London, United Kingdom
Renate Semler, Amerika Haus, Berlin
Joelle Shefts & George Wachtel, Esq., NY, NY
Christopher Slover, Austin, TX
Rosemarie Sirois, Mansfield, MA
Dr. Kehna Swallow, Ithaca, NY
Monique Tissot, Esq., Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Tina M. Trudel, Provincetown, MA
Arthur P. ‘Hap’ Veltman, (estate) San Antonio, TX
Lisa Westervelt, Esq., Provincetown, MA