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- Shows of Fine Arts Paintings
- Commisioned work (site specific)
- Commisioned work (in Manhattan)
- Private Collections
- Currated Shows/Exhibits
- Affiliations and awards

Shows of Fine Art Paintings

2014 Williams-McCall Gallery, ‘South Beach Scenes’, Miami, FL (group show)
2014 Patty Deluca Gallery, ‘Art and Nature’, Provincetown, MA (with Lee Brock & Grove Harris)
2014 Schoolhouse Gallery, ‘EcoArts’, Provincetown, MA (with Mark Adams & Paul Oberst)
2013 Artcurrent, ‘New York Before Prozac/Askew’, Provincetown MA (with Ted Chapin)
2013 Ten Days of Art, Sound Wave I, Provincetown, MA (installation)
2013 Schoolhouse Gallery, Salon, Provincetown, MA (group show)
2013 Water’s Edge Theater, ‘Plastic Pandemic’, Provincetown, MA (solo installation)
2013 Artcurrent, ‘Ocean Solstice’, Provincetown, MA (solo installation)
2012 Williams-McCall Gallery, Miami, FL, USA (featured artist, Art Basel satellite gallery)
2012 Cape Cod National Seashore,10 Days of Art, Provincetown, MA, invited installation
2012 Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, MA (group show x2)
2012 Artcurrent, ‘Earth to Sky’, Provincetown, MA (2 artist show, ceramics by J Motzkin)
2012 Schoolhouse Gallery, ‘Sound & Light’, Provincetown, MA (group show)
2012 Rochester Museum of Fine Art, ‘Downtown’, Rochester, NH (group show)
2012 Gallery Ehva, ‘Graphite’, Provincetown, MA (group show)
2012 TOAST Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour, New York, NY (open studio)
2012 Appearances: Provincetown Green Arts Festival, Outdoor Installation &
Walker Gallery of the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA (curator/artist)
2012 Launch, ‘New York Before Prozac’ New York, NY, USA (solo show)
2011 Artcurrent, ‘Watching Women’, Provincetown, MA (solo show)
2011 Siena Art Institute, ‘Drawing Connections’, Siena, Italy (invitational group show)
2011 Schoolhouse Gallery, ‘In the Can’, Provincetown, MA, USA (group show)
2011 Artcurrent, Provincetown, MA, ‘Environmental Images’ USA (group show)
2011 Appearances Green Arts Festival, Provincetown, MA (curator/artist/installation)
2009 Morini Gallery, Mansfield, MA, USA (inaugural featured artist)
2009 Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany (curator/artist Menopause group show)
2009 Paintings & Prose, Charlottesville, VA, USA (curator ‘Assemblages’)
2008 Paintings & Prose, Charlottesville, VA, USA (curator/artist Menopause group show)
2005 Sprengelwochen, Berlin, Germany (group show)
2003 Dragon, London, United Kingdom, (solo show)
2002 DaimlerChrysler, Berlin, Germany, (solo show)
2000 Reisebüro im Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin, Germany, (solo show)
1999 Armith Gallery, New York (NY), USA
1997 Krause Gallery, Moses Brown School, Providence, R.I., USA (solo show)
1996 Montana’s, New York (NY), USA
1990 White Mountain College, Durham (NH), USA (two person exhibition)
1988 New York State Council for the Arts Grant, New York (NY), USA
1987 Three Rivers Art Festival, USA (juried exhibition)
1985 San Antonio Council for the Arts Show, USA (juried exhibition)
1983 Herter Gallery, Amherst (MA), USA (solo show)
1983 Hampden Gallery, Amherst (MA), USA (juried group show)
1982 State House, Boston (MA), USA (juried group show)
1981 Tompkins Gallery, Boston (MA), USA (group show)
1981 State House, Boston (MA), USA (invitational show)