The Spirit of Resilience- Art, Earth (Food! Body!) and Politics

Dorothy Palanza to Present

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Fresh food, creativity, good self-care and political voice are requirements for sustained activism and resilience. Art is crucial, as is local food, alternative health care and nurturance, and political activism. This panel of intergenerational speakers, charting different yet complimentary paths, is creating a sustainable future now.

From the rural outer cape to uber-urban NYC, we forge creative lifestyles that sustain activism, including urban/rural linkages. No waiting for the UN or governments to lead. Panelists are designing decent work lives that are not tied to disastrous economic growth with its climate change and huge income inequalities. Another world is possible and we build it daily.

This conversation will ratchet out from local food, healing, and creativity to global politics and back again. Small story, big story, and art for new story. Millennials and middle aged share how they’re charting their work lives and activism, living and thriving beyond mere survival. Speakers are working in art, farming, bodywork, and faith-based activism at the UN, and this panel weaves the threads towards mutual resilience. Join us for a multi-generational conversation, convened by the Temple of Understanding.

Food & Farming
Health & Healing
Social Justice
Environmental Activism

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