Dorothy Palanza Speaks About Post-millennial Jonah

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The whales that inhabit the waters surrounding my home in Provincetown, Massachusetts, inspired this environment. Provincetown is unique in that it is located at the very end of a spit of land, an outer point on a peninsula of the eastern seacoast of the USA. Surrounded almost entirely by water, it sits approximately 30 miles out to sea. Because of this unique location, it is not unusual to walk the beaches in early spring and be treated to whales breeching and blowing near shore.

All works presented, drawings, paintings and the installation, are expressions/manifestations/results of my exploration into the world of the whales, their water world, and the interaction of our two sentient species.

I am greatly appreciative to the Provincetown Center for Costal Studies for allowing me to work as a collaborating artist, giving me access to their team, their images and their data.

Images From Post-millennial Jonah