ShiftingSands: Ten Days to Shake the Herring Cove Bathhouse

Time and tide wait for no man. Indeed, the only constant in life is change. The beautiful mid-century bathhouse at Herring Cove Beach is slated for demolition sometime at the end of October, as it fell into disrepair over the years, and more importantly increased erosion has threatened the building so much so that the next big winter storm could destroy it. To give it a farewell and to create an event of reflection about Provincetown’s past and future, artist Jay Critchley created “Ten Days That Shook The World,” a multi-event celebration featuring dance, theater, art installations, community events, and more.

“What’s happening with our cultural legacy and the changing natural environment,” says Critchley, describing some of the themes explored in the multi-artist event. “The idea is also to create a community experience to give some breathing room to mark the passing of this icon.”

From Friday, September 28 to Sunday, October 7 the Herring Cove Bathhouse will be open for the public to witness a roster of daily events, as well as 15 installations in various rooms and spaces at the structure. Choosing the theme of Ten Days That Shook The World, is a nod both to the book about the Russian Revolution of the same name by John Reed, as well as to the changing shoreline as ocean levels rise and the climate changes. The subtitle, “The Centennial Decade,” ties into the dramatic changes in America in this decade 100 years ago, (1911-1920), which seem to be mirrored in present times. And here in Provincetown this decade sees landmark anniversaries of local arts institutions, like the Fine Arts Work Center, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown Arts, and the Swim for Life.

“It’s a chance to reflect on what it is we have and where we’re going,” says Critchley of the event. “What’s here now? What’s our community? What structures? What visitors? What relationships do we have here? It provides a focus and platform for dialogue.”