Provincetown art heads to New York City

Provincetown hits New York City next week, with a sampling of local art on display in trendy Tribeca. The exhibit is courtesy of curators Tina Trudel and Dorothy Palanza of ArtCurrent at 53 Bradford St. in Provincetown. Trudel and Palanza invited the Schoolhouse Gallery and Gallery Ehva, longtime art establishments in Provincetown, to present work along with ArtCurrent in its brand-new second home at 373 Broadway in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood from March 10 through April 8.

For the exhibit, ArtCurrent will feature the work of Flint Butera, James Hall and Nathalie Miebach in a show titled “Convergence: Art and Science.” In the same show, the Schoolhouse Gallery presents “The Architectural Prism,” an exhibition of work from Adam Davies, Clark Derbes, Mike Carroll, Leslie Murray and Michelle Weinberg that explores the principles of articulation in architecture. Gallery Ehva is featuring “Make,” with art by Alicia Henry, Richard Smith, René Lamadrid, Irén Handschuh, Bill Liebeskind, Nathalie Ferrier, Lisa Ventre and Didier Corallo. All of them tell contemporary stories using glass, metal, wood, paper and fabric.

For Trudel, the Provincetown-in-New York exhibit represents an opportunity to share her new gallery with trusted friends and colleagues. “I was fortunate to secure two adjoining spaces in one of the few remaining artist-occupied buildings in this area,” she said via email about the New York gallery. “We were then able to join the spaces, and are opening with the Provincetown Contemporary Art Preview exhibit, sharing the space with work from Gallery Ehva curated by Ewa Nogiec, Schoolhouse Gallery curated by Mike Carroll, and ArtCurrent, curated by Dorothy Palanza and me. We all share mutual respect for each other’s contemporary art perspective, and commitment to strengthening the presence and support for Provincetown in the contemporary art scene, for which New York remains both the nexus and pinnacle. It is a pleasure for me to work with such esteemed curators, all of whom are exceptional visual artists themselves.”

Artist and curator Carroll was executive director at Provincetown’s Schoolhouse Center from 1997 through 2004 and has been the owner of the Schoolhouse Gallery since 2005. Gallery Ehva on Shankpainter Road is a year-round gallery representing contemporary and early Provincetown art. Owner-curator Nogiec has been active in forming and sustaining a year-round local arts community.

The three ArtCurrent artists represented in the show have both New York and Provincetown ties. Butera is known as a New York City street artist who spends time in Provincetown and had a solo show at ArtCurrent in 2011. A self-taught artist who excels in collage techniques, Butera “reveals the human inclinations and embodies them in monstrous form, [revealing as well] in this collection embodiments of human, machine and scientific elements,” says Trudel. Miebach’s work focuses on the intersection of art and science and the visual articulation of scientific observations. She earned her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art, was a fellow at Provincetown’s Fine Arts Work Center and has received numerous awards, honors and been featured in solo and group shows internationally including ArtCurrent. James “Jay” Hall is also a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, where he received a BFA in fine arts and a BS in art education. He currently resides in Provincetown where he creates works of art using found objects. Two of the pieces in the New York show were included in “Appearances: Provincetown Green Arts Festival 2011,” the inaugural festival sponsored by the Provincetown Conservation Trust and launched by Trudel and Palanza who are members of the trust.

The ArtCurrent New York show will also feature a separate exhibition in the same space of Palanza’s work, which also opens on March 10. “Dorothy Palanza: New York Before Prozac: Drawings 1985-1990” is curated by Tim Donovan and Sam Trioli.